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  computers, mobile phones & eDocument discovery



We offer representations during case investigations, case management, Plea /Directions hearing, court room expert witness services and the rebuttal of adverse evidence that affects your case.

We undertake early case assessment and electronic document reviews in civil and criminal matters. Our experts have more than 20 years combined experience in providing services to the business, legal & financial sectors.  
We act as legal & technical experts in computer & mobile phone evidence, email tracing, internet/cyber related crimes and electronic documents discovery.

With a combined team of computer experts and specialist cyber law defence lawyers; we assist in the discovery and analysis of crucial evidence, in criminal, civil and corporate fraud cases.




In civil and  criminal matters, we start, by undertaking an analysis of your case theory or electronic document discovery requirements.

When required,  a  specialist legal Attorney, will participate in your case strategy meetings, case management conferences, prepare and argue pre trial applications at cost / case management conferences and at Pleas /Directions hearings.

Before trial, we proactively undertake the implementation of  mock trial sessions to prepare your technical witnesses and digital document custodians for probative witness examination and adverse Xexamination.

At trial, we conduct the examination of forensic expert witnesses and digital document custodians.


    Case analysis

Upon the receipt of instructions and relevant digital evidence files/ forensic evidence, independent evidence analysis is conducted, evidence is re analysed, re evaluated in our standard forensic laboratory setting.  Thereafter, a confidential report and strategic protocol is developed and executed in line with your case theory.

 In civil matters, we engage with clients to deal with pre trial assessement of cost and proportionality of discovery and disclosure issues;  execute all of the crucial phases in the  edocument discovery universe and managing  the technical and legal challenges associated with the EDRM process.

Including, litigation hold, data preservation, the formulation of  keyword search, edocument source and custodian identification, coding, de duplication, conversion and review; Making sure, that each phase of the process is in compliance with the EDRM defensible protocols.


Having a technical / specialist advocate on your team, brings on board, technical litigation advantages; providing the strategy map for the use of digital evidence  in line with your case theory.

We conduct pro active analysis of the strength  or weakness inherent in your digital evidence, before you proceed to trial. When required, we undertake at trial, technical and expert witness examination and Xexamination. 

In civil matters, cost and discovery proportionality are now the main focus for edisclosure related matters. Success here, requires you have the right expert, tools and strategy. These are the winning metrics we bring on board when we join your team.

Consultation  starts at 2 hours minimum. Rates  vary and are  flexible, depending on project and location.


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